Executive Coaching & Consulting Services

As a female leader in a corporate environment with more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, I have developed a passion for nurturing female leaders. I mentor female executives who are smart and talented and are aspiring to fulfill their ambitions.

I love working with my clients, helping them discover solutions and eliminate roadblocks in their work and in life. Seeing them thrive and grow, working out solutions, strategizing, being involved in strategic projects energizes me and I love my work.

If you’re serious about experiencing a meaningful transformation and making lasting change, we are here to guide you through the transition and help you embrace a newer, better way of working.

Senior Leaders/C-Suite Leaders

You are a senior leader who is seeking to effectively navigate change, address a variety of business challenges, and drive successful business transformation within your organization.

Aspiring Women Leaders

Are you a high-achieving woman looking to take your career to the next level? Whether you aspire to climb the corporate ladder, assume greater responsibilities, become a leader, or pivot to a new field altogether, I can help you achieve your goals.